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As we begin the month of February we are focusing on the character trait of COMPASSION.  There are many ways we can teach compassion to our children at home. When it comes to kindness, you are your child's primary teacher. The following suggestions will help you to teach your child about being goodhearted and compassionate.  Please visit the following link for the entire article that highlights 13 ways to raise a caring and compassionate child.


1. Believe that your child is capable of being kind.

2. Model positive action.

3. Treat your child with respect.

4. Coach your child to pay attention to people's facial expressions.

5. Let your child know often that how they treat others matters to you greatly.

6. Don't let rudeness pass. 

7. Acknowledge kindness. 

8. Understand that your child's perception of differences in others comes into play. 

9. Be sensitive to messages that your child picks up from the media. 

10. Explain that calling someone names or excluding him from play can be as hurtful as hitting.

11. Avoid setting up competition within your family.

12. Show your child how to help people in need.

13. Be patient with your little one.

Please continue to follow us on Facebook as we post celebrations and upcoming events. Have a compassionate February!

Sonja DuBois
Elementary Principal


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